Gary Kaschak | Author

I've been asked this question by a lot of people- so I'd decided to make a list for those who really want to know. And, oh by the way- it may give you some insight as to what inspires me in my own writing and character invention. So here goes-


 #1- East Of The Mountains (David Guterson)
       A nice, simple story with all the elements of humanity and integrity that I
      prefer in a novel.

 #2- Thirteen Moons (Charles Frazier)
       Will Cooper is part Daniel Boone, Part Davey Crockett, whose story
       felt so real, I couldn't put it down.
A magical read.

 #3- Wicked (Gregory Maguire)
        A very touching story that will make you look at the Wicked Witch of The
        Wizard of Oz in a new and different Light. It's really a story of how
        being bullied has a lasting affect. I loved it.   

 #4- Cold Mountain (Charles Frazier)
        I guess this makes Charles Frazier my favorite author since he appears
       twice in my Top Five.
This story inspired me to write Lifestone. Maybe
       Charles Frazier will like my novel, too.

 #5- The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Stephen King)
       Certainly not your usual Stephen King story. Kept me on the edge right
       from the start.


 #1- Highway To Heaven
 #2- Touched By An Angel
 #3- The Wonder Years
 #4- The Paper Chase
 #5- The Twilight Zone


 #1- Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks)
 #2- Phenomenon (John Travolta)
 #3- Contact (Jody Foster)
 #4- The Natural (Robert Redford)
 #5- Hoosiers (Gene Hackman)
 #6- A League Of Their Own