Gary Kaschak

(Cedarbrook, NJ) July 25, 2009

Since 2006, Gary Kaschak has sponsored essay contests in local schools, awarding the top writers scholarship grants based on the novels, Hands That Break...Hands That Heal.. and, The Hole To China.

"It is truly one of those things I sincerely look forward to every year." said Kaschak. "Not only does it help local families in this economy, but it especially stimulates these young minds (7the graders) as they approach that age of separating themselves from their parents, and how doing the right thing can be an automatic response at those times when a difficult decision needs to be made. It has been my absolute privilege to be the sponsor for these contests."

Kaschak is currently working on other scholarship offers tied into his third novel, Lifestone, which was released just a few weeks ago.

"I want to give back and be a participant in any small way I can to help make the world just a bit better for as many people as I can."