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"Thank you for writing, Hands That Break...Hands That Heal. What a surprise! What a great book! What an uplifting message! What great lessons! such as faith, believing, loving, supporting, teamwork, respect for the elderly, kindness, discipline and so many other traits of good. I couldn't put it down. The spirit of teamwork of the girls reminded me of those simple days long ago when respect was a given rather than an exception."

-James Rush

"Hands That Break...Hands That Heal
was a very intriguing book, easy to read with several fascinating and inspiring characters. I stayed up late to keep finding out what would happen next."

-Edith Traganza

"Hands That Break...Hands That Heal
was simply outstanding! A wonderful work of art with an eternal message of hope. I think we all hope to be a little like Becky Chapman- to have a sense of presence in our own lives- to make something special out of the ordinary to see beyond what seems to be."

-Andy Riesterer

"What a truly entertaining book! I thoroughly enjoyed every page. I was actually reading at red lights one day!" I so enjoyed the book and it really reflects how I feel about "coincidences." Everything happens for a reason- we just don't know when and where."

-Sara Ryan

"Hands has the power to transport me to a time where living is more meaningful. It helped me to look more closely at people and easily find their unique specialness."

-Virginia Reed

"Since I am reading 2-3 books at a time, I surprised even myself with this one. It is 12:30 AM- and I have just finished it after beginning it yesterday afternoon. Your character studies are excellent. The themes of the power of the Spirit's leading in a life willing to yield, teamwork, overcoming "bullies" of all kinds are refreshing. The uniting of every age from teens to seniors is rare but so needed in today's segregated world. Your conclusion on the last page was excellent."

-Judy Comer

"I was totally captivated by Becky and her abilities, the mystery, the romance and the plot in general. How well you weaved the tale!"

-Nancy Emmerling

"What can I say about this book! I just loved how it made me feel like I was part of the story."

-Linda Thompson

"Needless to say... I cried. Your book was very touching. Your descriptions, your sub-plots were done with such ease. I loved the way you interweaved between the young and the old. Your spiritual story line was, for the lack of a better word..."spiritual."

-Irene Kaschak (my mom)