Gary Kaschak | Author

Gary Kaschak's dramatic third novel involves readers in the tragedies and triumphs that took place during America's Civil War
by Lindsey Landis
Author Solutions Publicist

CEDARBROOK, NJ (July 22, 2009)-  Gary Kaschak has mastered the most important element of a fantastic summer read. After turning the first page of his latest novel, Lifestone, the book cannot be put down. Lifestone takes readers back to the Antebellum South for a tale filled with action, adventure, suspense, drama and romance.

Kaschak enjoyed great success with his first two books, Hands That Break...Hands That Heal, and, The Hole To China, which are now in over 50 schools throughout the United States and mandatory reading in several of those.

Lifestone is an historical fiction that follows the trials and tribulations of an American slave woman- aptly named, Hope. Two college journalism students gradually uncover the mysteries of her life as they complete a research assignment for their wise and wizened old professor.

Along with historian Peter McDonnell, the trip sets out on a mission to shed light onto this forgotten woman- a hero in her time- and onto the injustices that she suffered.

The story is suspenseful, and it grabs its readers by the heartstrings. Kaschak writes with authority about the Civil War and with empathy and compassion for the plight of the African slaves who were caught in the middle of the conflict.