Gary Kaschak | Author

by C.A. Webb
Conversations Book Club
(five of fives stars) *****

For those who claim that the past is best left alone, a thoughtful read of Gary Kaschak's LIFESTONE will show you why such thinking does more harm than good. As the author takes you back in time to a life that was just as complex as it was simple, you see mirror-images of situations that we find ourselves dealing with.

The characters take us into a world not too different from our own and helps us to see how we might respond to challenges that face us. Will we be made stronger by obstacles or will they break us? If you are like the central character, Hope, you will do what others learn to appreciate after her death; you will accept the role in your life and move on.

As one character described Hope's demeanor: "She wasn't a person consumed with bitterness. For the past was the past, it couldn't be altered..."

Though unable to change where we are from, we can use those lessons to make our lives better today and beyond. That is the charge we are given in this powerful novel: Do your part to make each day a little better than the last.