Gary Kaschak | Author

(August 15, 2009) By Jennie Gowaty- Librarian

Once I began reading LIFESTONE, I couldn't put it down. Gary Kaschak's fast moving style of story telling is a real 'page turner' of a novel.

At times, I felt like I was walking along with Hope's freedom journey while college student Maura found the tombstone of Hope Jenkins 1846-1902 at a burial site at Destitution Ridge. The author's clever mixing of the Civil War era with today's mystery on the life stone leaves me wanting a sequel to LIFESTONE.

I would recommend LIFESTONE for a book discussion club to experience the story of a strong, young, black woman's story.

LIFESTONE is a good read during February Black History Month.


(August 17, 2009) By Anne Loso- Teacher

The book was fabulous! I was so impressed with the vivid descriptions of characters (Professor Norwich), battle sites, dates of battles & newspapers.

What character and faith in the main character, Hope. She demonstrated such honor, humbleness and strength throughout her life. Maura Dean's will to find the truth and right a wrong propelled me to continue reading & reading each day into the early morning hours.

I enjoyed the names of the unique characters such as "Tinker Fields" and "Faith Walker." I could feel as though I was standing on the "hill" when the new statue was unveiled, or sitting in the kitchen with Torrance, his parents, Maura & Keisha's family, on the battlefield with the soldiers, meeting the old woman on the rivers edge, listening to the guiding words of Peter and Henry's kindness.

I am so very proud of Gary. What a gift to be able to "see" a story. Thank you for sharing it with so many.